Art Karlsruhe 2014

Art KARLSRUHE comes up trumps with international newcomers to the event


With over 220 exhibitors and roughly 50,000 visitors, art KARLSRUHE is Germany’s biggest fair for classic modern and contemporary art. Word soon spreads of its success and gallery owners’ satisfaction. So it comes as no surprise that there were numerous new applicants for the eleventh event. 38 galleries won over the council and the curator Ewald Karl Schrade with their stand design.
Amongst those taking part in 2014 for the first time is Erika Költzsch with the Galerie Haas from Zurich. She sums up her motivation to participate in art KARLSRUHE quite succinctly: “The visitor and buyer potential is big in southwest Germany and there are very good collectors in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate,” an aspect also likely to have played a major part for the other newcomers, half of them from outside Germany. The fact that meanwhile every fifth gallery at the Karlsruhe art fair comes from abroad is clear evidence of the event’s reputation beyond the borders of Germany.


Stands in the dm-arena are highly sought-after amongst the new galleries. Almost every one of the new applicants had applied for this particular hall. Under the title of “Contemporary Art”, the art fair’s portfolio is enriched by galleries like Rothschild Fine Art from Tel Aviv, the Eva Meyer gallery and Lee gallery from Paris, and the Flowers gallery from London. Also taking part for the first time are the Hasenclever gallery from Munich, the Stefan Hildebrandt gallery from St. Moritz, J&P Fine Art from Zürich, and Nuovo Gallery from Daegu, Südkorea, all of which can be found in Halls 2 and 3. The internationally active galleries of Kornfeld from Berlin and Stephen Hoffman from Munich are making their first appearance in Hall 1 where captivating photography and objects are displayed in the “Limited” section. Exquisite limited editions are to be found here, too. The new exhibitors in this segment include Werner Bommer from Zurich, 2C for ART from Salzburg, and Chiefs & Spirits from Den Haag.


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