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Asyaaf (Asian Students and Young Artists Art festival)

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Park, Sun young, Self-defense, 45.5cmx75.8cm, mixed media, 2013

Park, Soohwan, Fractal of greed1, 48.5cmx72.5cm, digital color print, 2014

Bae, Dan bi, Flower that is simliar to hand, Hand that is similar to flower, 130.3cmx162.2cm, ink, watercolor on Korean paper, 2013

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Hyun, Lyung jun, Strange village1&2, 60.96cmx60.96cm, Inkjet print, 2014

Lee, Ye seul, Forest for rest, 91cmx116.8cm, ink on Korean paper, 2013

An, Seon Young, Dreaming(1), 66cmx66cmx13cm, Mixed media, 2014



Lee Ufan Versailles – Palace of Versailles

From 17 June to 2 November 2014,the Palace of Versailles welcomes the Korean artist Lee Ufan for a major contemporary art exhibition in the gardens.

Relatum-The Arch of Versailles

Relatum- The Arch of Versailles

Relatum – The Shadow of the Stars

Relatum-Dialogue ZRelatum - The Tomb, a Tribute to André le Nôtre Fermer

Relatum-Dialogue Z (Left),

Relatum – The Tomb, a Tribute to André le Nôtre Fermer

“The intense and silent works of this artist will be placed in the palace and in the gardens, at the foot of the Gabriel stairs, in the great perspective designed by Le Nôtre and around the corner of walks or in the mysterious groves, completing and modifying the atmosphere for a time.

In Versailles, the artist will install ten works, all entirely new, some of them of unusual size to correspond to the spaces in the gardens. Behind their very restricted formal vocabulary, true diversity will emerge; some configurations will be completely new to his work. This exhibition will create a major landmark in Lee Ufan’s sculptural work with its confrontation to the exceptional site.”

Alfred Pacquement
Curator of the Lee Ufan Versailles exhibition