Choi Jeong-Sun- Jewellery artist

Warm dot.01, brass, nylon, PVC, acrylic painting, 360×280×110mm, 2012 High red.06, brass, nylon, PVC, 430×410×80mm, 2013 High red.20, brass, nylon, PVC, acrylic painting, 100×60×55mm, 2013unnamed


In contemporary art, jewelry is diversifying not only in its materials but also in shapes and conceptual aspects. My formative experiments based on water and the property of nylon fibers are not merely molding images of jewelry but extend into experiments of surface strength and various technique research. It provokes imagination and reveals a modern sense of art to find a way of maximizing jewelries’ formative and plastic effects as an art form. Through this, I search for “jewelry as art, artistic jewelry”, a vitalizing agent in our everyday lives.

Awards & grants & residencies

2013 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition Theme “Jewellery”, selected, Japan

2013 The 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition, Cheongju

2013 22nd Legnica international Jewellery Competition REVOLT, Poland

2012 Selected Artist for France Paris atelier artists [2013 bâtir atelier], KCDF

2012 Received the excellence award in Arts contest for young artists , Chiwoocraftmuseum

2011 Residence program at Art&Design Studio, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon


2013 Showcase 500 Necklaces, Lark Books, USA

2012 newspaper ‘Korean Jewelry’ _ June 2012. Selected Artist for the exhibition of the invited artists

2011 Luxury _december 2011. Selected one of five artists in ART JEWELRY , Design house

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