Bae Se Jin

Waiting for Godot

The laps of time involves duration, repetition, transformation, circulation. It is continuous, repetitive and circular. the change always follows with the repetition and circulation. This time is along with nature as well as human. However, modern society increasingly separates it between human and nature, which has become the main cause of the alienation of human beings, and prevalent in modern society. In the boundary of art, a study of the laps of time is ultimately a study of the human. Samuel Beckett revealed the laps of time in nature in his play ‘Waiting for Godot’, by the two main characters repeatedly waiting for the Godot. Beckett’s plays become the motives of my work and title.

Working with the clay as a natural material is unifying the time of nature and human. The clay contains the time of duration, repetition, transformation and circulation. And the artist inevitably harmonize himself with the laps of time in nature. and the one who work with have to match the time with it inevitably, in order to work with. I think the essentiality of the clay material is the laps of time, and worked through with the clay to reveal the laps of time. The continuos repetition of labor would be inevitable in order to visualize infinite of time because human is mortal. Putting the serial numbers and attaching tens of thousands of small blocks leads me to the stage of impassivity and makes super temporal experience. I discover myself in super temporal experience. The experience of these can be passed through by the work made by constant repetition of labor, to the audience too.

I tried to visualize and record the laps of time in nature by working with it. The continuing repetition of labor helps me to overcome with alienation of human beings and to discover myself by the super temporal experience. Recording the laps of time gets its meaning only when performed repeatedly for a long time and it can deliver to audiences. So, I think the last three years of work experience is not me long. On the basis of what I have studied, I will try to get closer to the repetitive and circular time of nature by continuing repetition of labor

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2012 The 31th Seoul Modern Ceramic Competition, Seleted

2012 The 13th Iksan Korea Arts and Craft Award, Special seletion

2012 The 9th Ceramic Arts Award of Korea, Gold prize

2012 The 4th Collegiate Ceramic Art Competition, Special seletion

2011 The 30th Seoul Modern Ceramic Competition, Seleted

2011 The 6th International Ceramix Biennale Competiton, Seleted

2011 The 3rd National Competition of Mokpo ceramic, Excellence award

2010 The 29th Seoul Modern Ceramic Competition, Seleted

2010 The 11th Iksan Korea Arts and Craft Award, Grand prize

2010 The 2nd Ulsan International Onggi Competition, Special seletion

2009 The 28th Seoul Modern Ceramic Competition, Seleted

2009 The 10th Iksan Korea Arts and Craft Award, Seleted

2009 The 1st Ulsan International Onggi Competition, Gold prize

2009 The 6th Cheongju International Craft Competition, Seleted



2014 Home Table Deco Fair, BEXCO, Busan

2014 Seoul Ceramic Art Fair, Hangaram Design museum, Seoul

2014 Maison & Objet, Parc des Expotisions de Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris

2013 Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul

2013 Craft sympathy, vogoze, Seoul

2013 New Past  – Museum Artifacts and contemporary Ceramics, Seoul National University Museum, Seoul

2013 2012 52-1, Soohoh Rom gallery, Busan

2012 Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei

2012 Korean Contemporary Crafts Art Festival, Hangaram art museum, Seoul

2012 Bae sejin 1st solo Exhibition 078404, Woosukhall, Seoul

2011 Iksan Korea Arts and Craft Award Special Exhibition, Iksan

2010 Paper Moon, Hyun gallery, Seoul

2010 Hyun Hyun Hyun, Osaka hyatt gallery, Osaka

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