Choi Haeng Suk


Choi Heang-Sug

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Choi Haeng-Sug

From the top

Vitality of Arirang, 50x80cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2013

Vitality, 80x60cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2013

Vitality, 50x80cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2013


The work of Choi Haeng Suk has its basis in the oriental calligraphy. Her vibrant energy drawn out of her contemplation of the void is reflected upon the active and strong brush strokes, which has its own life, and formative powers. The simple and concise touches represent the wild will for creation, vitality. As if crying in silence in the air and a large reverberating drum beat off a strong musical rhythm and resonance, she produces improvised imagery towards imagination and expectations in all the colors extracted from the universe. The lyrical landscapes vibrant with energy is a realization of a dynamic and powerful presence, full of passion and ecstasy of the moment. As manifestation of a myriad of intangible reasons(思惟), the unique aesthetics of rhythm and autonomy explode in a fire which is impossible to control.


BA Western painting, Gyeongseong University

Private exhibition over 13 times

Major joint exhibitions

Busan GIAF 2014 / (Gyeongnam International Art Fair)

Art Apart Fair 2014, the 3rd edition (Singapore)

Korean Elite Artist invitational exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)

Asropa international exhibition(Kyung In Museum of Fine Art / Seoul, Hungary)

Korean fine art exhibition (Sejong center for performing arts)

Gallery painting fair (ChohyungGallery / Seoul)

Face in face (Lotte gallery / Seoul)

Southern contemporary art fair, May festival (Dongseo gallery / Masan)

Contemporary art trend. Are reviewed (Gyeongnam art museum / Changwon)

Contemporary art trend. Smart fair (Gyeongnam art museum / Changwon)

Natural reflection exhibition (Mercury Armenia gallery / Thailand)

Metaphore of time exhibition (Armenia Bergamo gallery / Italy)

etc. in total about 130 special exhibitions and invitational exhibitions


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