GWON, Seung-chan

Gwangju Museum of Art Beijing Residency  Multimedia art

New persons, spaces, and environments have stimulated my ideas, behavior, and work. This is probably why I have constantly desired to communicate with those from diverse regions, exploring a variety of ways for this. In this sense, Beijing, where I experienced my first life in a foreign country, is a place very significant to my work.

good Friends _ 29.7X21cm (each) _ Polaroid film, print on paper _ 2014

good Friends _ 29.7X21cm (each) _ Polaroid film, print on paper _ 2014

Good Friends is work I completed involving foreign artists I met in China, both in the process of making work and the price estimate. After presenting a document to the artists, I take a Polaroid photograph of the document and have them sign on both the document and Polaroid film. The concept is that the artists suggest the price of my work. This work questions the contrasting relationship between digital culture harnessing smart phones and analog culture exploiting Polaroid film, well-known and unknown artists, a work’s directness and a signature’s indirectness, innocence and commercialism. In return for participating, all artists in my project can receive an amateurish massage by me or one of porno CDs I have collected.

The completed is futile, the lofty is uneasy _ Variable size _ mixed media _ 2014

The completed is futile, the lofty is uneasy _ Variable size _ mixed media _ 2014

The completed is futile, the lofty is uneasy is a video installation work of representing an inner desire and appetite toward some superficial form, volume, and amount through a combination of articles commonly found or abandoned in our surroundings with discarded goods in China. The action of calculating the price per gram after weighing everyday garbage used for one year and crushed up is posing an underlying question over the grounds for calculating work price.


Drawing includes all ideas, sketches, memos, and scribbles I produced in China. This work is inclusive of all genres such as installation art, media art, painting, public art, sculpture, interactive art, photography, and web art.


1999 Graduated from Homan University, Fine Art

2004 Completed the graduate course of fine art in Honam University

Solo Exhibition

2013 solo exhibition of Gwon, Seung-chan, Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju, Korea

2011 Smart & Cloud Show- Special Exhibition, COEX hall, Seoul, Korea

2011 Exhibition of Prospective Artist – 10 (solo exhibition of Gwon, Seung-chan) Daedam Art Center, Damyang, Jeonnam, Korea

2010 That Place, The branch of Gwangju Museum of Art, Insadong, Seoul, Korea

2008 THANKS, Art Space Noritor, Daejeon, Korea

2008 a gruelling physical labor – a residency program for 11 days, Lotte Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2008 Series of Contemporary history of the vestiges, Gallery Boda, Seoul, Korea

2003 Trickery: troublesome to ask the sincerity of Gwon, Seung-chan, injeGallery, Gwangju, Korea

Residency / Funded / Awards

2013 Residency Gwang-ju Culture Foundation Media art

2012 The 12th Ha Jeong-woong Invited Young Artist Exhibition -‘Light 2012’ Selected Artists

2012 Asian Artists Residency Program

2012 Residency Gwang-ju Culture Foundation Media art

2011 Residency Programme for Asian Artists

2010 Artist-in-residency, Creation Studio of Gwangju Museum of Art

2009–2010 Artist-in-residency, Daein Art Market

2008-2009 Public Art-Art Fence, Hub City of Asian Culture, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

2008 Selected Emerging Artist to funding of Culture Promotion in Artist-in-residency

2007 Art in City, five-days Project, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

2007 Artist-in-international residency, Uijae Creation Center

2007 Artist-in-international residency, Stone&Water, Anyang

Group exhibitions & commissioned projects over 100 times



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