Jongjun Son


defensive measure defensive measure2 defensive measure3

Devensive measure0070, digital print,110x73cm, 2014

Defensive measure 0004, digital print, 110x73cm, 2004

Defensive measure 0030, digital print, 110x73cm, 2007

Defensive Measure

In the complicated present society, personal characters are getting standardized.

Also, people show their aggression toward others to keep their interests.

On the other hands, they make their own defensive measure to protect themselves and their interests. Sometimes, it hurts them because it is strong too much.

I think this is the way people do in the contemporary society.

Through expressing defensive measure more than needs, I am trying to criticize this age in which people replace humanity with material value.

-Son Jongjun


2011.03.23 Ph,D.Course in Fine Art_Tama Art Univ._TOKYO,JAPAN

2011.03.23 Take a Doctorate in Fine Art [Ph.Doctor]_JAPAN

2008.03.23 M.F.A. in Fine Art_Tama Art Univ._TOKYO,JAPAN

2005.02.18 B.F.A. in department of sculpture_Hong-ik Univ._SEOUL,KOREA

Solo Exhibitions

2013.10.25 Nomadic Navajo_ Hong-eun Art Center_ SEOUL,KOREA

2013.05.31 Defensive Measure_Kunst Doc_SEOUL,KOREA

2010.06.14 Defensive Measure_Moonshin Museum_SEOUL,KOREA

2009.09.21 Defensive Measure_gallery ZERO HACHI_TOKYO,JAPAN

2008.08.25 Defensive Measure_gallery Hasimoto_TOKYO,JAPAN

2008.05.06 Defensive Measure_art forum Newgate_SEOUL,KOREA

2007.06.28 Defensive Measure_BODA art center_SEOUL,KOREA

Group Exhibitions


2014.04.23 OLD&NEW_Gujung Art Center_ASAN,KOREA

2014.04.18 INTRO_National Museum of Contemporary Art_SEOUL,KOREA

2014.02.21 304-1_Hong-eun Art Center_ SEOUL,KOREA

2013.12.13 Emerging Artist_ Seoul Museum of Art_SEOUL,KOREA

2013.12.22 Asian Contemporary Art _Guangzhou Museum_ GUANGZHOU,CHINA

2013.07.05 Machine, Dreaming of Life_Gyeonggi Museum of Art_ANSAN,KOREA


2012.09.04 KOREA-JAPAN Contemporary Art_Korean Cultral Center_TOKYO,JAPAN

2012.07.17 Hero_Nanji Art Studio_SEOUL,KOREA

2012.06.25 Bartz Revolutionary War_Gyeonggi Museum of Art_ANSAN,KOREA

2012.04.27 Guard of Violence_artspace Hue_PAJU,KOREA

2012.04.12 Moyen Garde_Nanji Art Studio_SEOUL,KOREA

2012.04.07 International Sculpture Festa 2012_SEOUL ART CENTER_SEOUL,KOREA

2011.08.22 Korea-Japan International Exhibition_JARFO_KYOTO,JAPAN

2011.03.09 Ph,D.Course Graduation Exhibition_Tama Art University Museum_TOKYO,JAPAN

2010.08.15 SADU International Art Exchange_DORADO Gallery_TOKYO,JAPAN

2009.08.22 co-core International Art & Design Critiques_Tama Art University_TOKYO,JAPAN

2009.05.28 Asian Contemporary Art _Gwangju Museum_GWANGJU,KOREA

2008.01.08 6 Young Artists of Artforum Newgate_art forum newgate_SEOUL,KOREA

2008.01.04 5Fine Art University_The National Art Center_TOKYO,JAPAN

2007.07.05 6th Funny Sculpture & Funny Painting_gallery SEJUL_SEOUL,KOREA


2009.04.01 Qualified National Scholarship Student of Japan_JAPAN


2011.03.23 Defensive Measure / thesis for a doctorate_Tama Art Univ._JAPAN

2010.11.30 The spiritual and external Relationship between Cyborg and Armor_Art and Media_CAMMP_KOREA


2013 KAP(Korean Artist Project) Artist

2013 SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) Emerging Artist

2012 APT(Artist Pension Trust) Artist


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