Kang Sang Jung

Light & Life  – Meta flower series meta flower 501 meta flower 505 meta flower

The light represented in my work is the final course and departure point of existence I could never reach. It is the source of life and earth, creation and extinction. I concentrate on exploring the mystery of color and form, gazing at the spring of the soul filled with riddles in the abyss of the universe. Light is the main topic of my painting. I have made progress in my painting. Painting gives me pleasure but is harder than life. It is an indescribable physical conversation. A painter is always troubled by false and real images. When I go crazy, others are happy. When I pain, what is indispensable? Can I say with confidence that it is poverty, solitude, foolishness, or bread? Painting should be easy to understand, Civilization is rigid confinement whereas culture is infinite freedom. They are the two sides of the same coin. Mythic imagination is different from disorderly fantasies in that it has truth and order. Something invaluable that should not change or be deformed artificially  in myths. Life, earth, creation and extinction associated with myths are the spring of inspiration. Light is at the center. It is a path, life , and infinite free will. -From Kang Sang Jung’s work diary

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