Kim Eunmi


Kim Eunmi



From the top

Blue day _ 92 x 150 cm _ Acrylic & pen on canvas _ 2013

Elephant _ 50.0 x 72.7 cm _ Acrylic & pen on canvas _ 2012

Go round and round _ 150 x 150 cm _ Acrylic & pen on canvas _ 2011



My repetitive daily routine is familiar to me. But sometimes I dream of breaking away from it. Traveling lets me to escape from my repetitive daily life and show me the broader view of the world. Maybe this is why traveling makes me excited. The destination of my journey is very different from my repetitive daily routine so the excitement and fantasy from it makes me to break away from everyday life. Within my work I assume canvas as traveling or the space out of reality. For instance, while watching a movie, going through my picture albums and even when I am walking on a road, I get inspiration from every little details around me. In reality, it is difficult to break away from daily routine. However, by drawing on canvas, I can express my dream world of breaking away from everyday life. I express that space of fantasy with vivid colors and floating lines. I wish my work can give joy and pleasure.



M.F.A in Painting, Hongik University,

B.F.A in Painting, Dankook University

Solo exhibition

2013 ‘A melody in humming’ at DOO gallery invitation exhibition

2012 ‘Sprinkle the joy’ at Danglim Museum invitation exhibition

Group exhibition

2013 ‘YEAR END’ at CHOI JUNGAH gallery

2013 CHEONGDAM ART FAIR at DOO gallery

2013 DOORS ART FAIR at Imperial Palace Hotel SEOUL

2013 GPS at Hongik university M.F.A in painting

2013 ASYAAF at Seoul 284

2013 ‘MERRY MAY’ at CHOI JUNGAH gallery

2013 ‘KIMEUNMI’ at cafe MIEL

2012 ‘THE NEW FACES’ at NEXT DOOR gallery

2012 ASYAAF at Seoul 284

2011 Dankook Uni B.F.A Thesis Exhibition Dukwon gallery

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